Mechanicus DesignWorks Inc.

Product Development

New product development is the complete process of bringing a product to market. It can start with an idea for a product, which when combined with engineering and design will lead to product development. Alternatively a market opportunity can be identified, which the developer uses to define a product or service to meet the market lead. In either case, Mechanicus DesignWorks can provide engineering and business services to propel new product development to success. 

The product development process can be characterized with the following stages:
  • Idea Generation
    • Brainstorming of many ideas to create a broad list of possible solutions
    • SWOT analysis - identification of key factors to achieving the objective
    • Five Forces analysis - industry evaluation to determine risks and threats to success
  • Idea Screening
    • Identify most likely ideas that will lead to success and eliminate non-viable choices
  • Concept Development
    • Development of design, engineering, and marketing 
    • Concept testing with prospective customers
  • Business Analysis
    • Sell price
    • Projected sales volumes
    • Profitability and break-even point
  • Prototyping, Testing, Market Testing
    • Mock-ups, physical prototype creation and testing in its intended application
    • Adjustments based on customer or focus group input
  • Technical Implementation
    • Operations planning
    • Technical communications (data sheets, manuals, etc.)
    • Supplier collaboration
    • Logistics
  • Commercialization
    • Product launch
    • Media promotion, advertising
Mechanicus DesignWorks can provide any or all of the above services, depending on our specific client's needs. Feel free to contact us to discuss your project at any time.