Mechanicus DesignWorks Inc.

Mechanical Design

Mechanicus DesignWorks specializes in mechanical design and can provide engineered solutions to our clients needs. We provide detailed designs, focusing on manufacturability, performance, reliability and cost reduction. Regardless of the industry, our designs our optimized to give you the best results for your application. 

We will work closely with your company throughout the design process:
  • Problem Definition
    • Clear definition of what is trying to be achieved and why.
  • Background Research
    • Are the existing solutions that can meet the need and reduce the design cycle?
  • Requirements and Goals Specification 
    • Specific requirements and key features that the design must meet to succceed.
  • Alternative Solution Creation and Selection
    • Concept generation, looking at different ways of acheiving the design goals through multiple methods in order to select the best solution.
  • Detailed Design
    • Analysis, 3D modeling, design optimization, detailed manufacturing drawings.
  • Prototype Creation
    • If needed, Mechanicus can provide a working prototype or will work with your company to produce the prototype.
  • Test and Evaluation
    • A thorough evaluation of the prototype to confirm intended functionality and determine any modifications that can improve the design goals.
  • Design Delivery
    • A functioning prototype, fully detailed drawings and assembly/shop floor instructions, Simulation and Analysis results, renderings, animations and professionally stamped engineering reports as needed.