Mechanicus DesignWorks Inc.

Analysis and Simulation

Mechanicus DesignWorks uses Solidworks Simulation to create a simulated testing environment where designs can be validated in order to reduce costs and ensure that the design will be sufficient prior to fabrication and assembly. Sophisticated FEA tools expand Mechanicus' capabilities by enabling rapid computation of difficult engineering problems such as stress analysis, heat transfer, vibration and fatigue in complex load scenarios.

Simulation tools available include:
  • Part or assembly linear static stress analysis
  • Nonlinear static and dynamic stress analysis
  • Motion simulation and analysis
  • Design optimization 
  • Frequency simulation
  • Forced vibration simulation 
  • Buckling or collapse simulation
  • Thermal simulation (conduction, convection, heat transfer)
  • Pressure vessel design simulation
  • Drop test simulation
  • Fatigue simulation
  • Composites analysis
  • Plastic and rubber components simulation
  • Large displacement structural simulation


April, 2013
Mechanicus DesignWorks has upgraded our FEA software to Solidworks Simulation Premium 2013, expanding our FEA abilities to include nonlinear static and dynamic stress, composites, forced vibrations, plastics and rubber, and large displacement structural analysis.